Waterproof Aluminum Carport Mount System

Waterproof Carport

Fondsolar waterproof carport solar mounting system is one of the advanced version to provide fully waterproof solution for parking lot shade.

  1. Various foundation options include precast concrete, bored pier and ground screw.
  2. Long spans between foundations reduce cost and simplify the installation process.
  3. Carport Mounting systems applied for family parking, commercial parking even bus stops.
  4. Pre-assembled parts to save cost and installation time


  Waterproof Aluminum Carport Mount System

  • Application Solar Parking Structure
  • Tilt Angle  0~30 °
  • Wind Speed  60m/s
  • Snow Load  2KN/m2
  • Design Standard   AS/NZS 1170:JIS 8955:2017;EN 1991-1-3 EN 1991-1-4;NSCP 2015
  • Material  AL6005-T5 + SUS304
  • Warranty  12 Years
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