FON-T12 12# Tile Roof Hook

  1. Fondsolar tile roof solar mounting can be flexible and easy to mount with universal tile roof hooks.
  2. Fondsolar has many types of tile roof hooks, suitable for most roof types of tile, flat tile, slate tile, asphalt shingle tile.
  3. A design that includes major specifications saves you inventory cost, quick and easy to install.
  4. Innovative design of rail connect base-support can effectively increase the product strength, ensure the safety of the product use. 


Fondsolar has a large variety of roof hooks provide customers options. Customization allowed according to customers’need to meet special installation requirements.
  • Item No.:  FON-T12- 12# Tile Roof Hook 
  • Material:  SUS 304 ( Stainless Steel)
  • Surface:  Sandblasted
  • Color:  Natural or Black
  • Shipping Port:  Xiamen, China 
  • Warranty:   12 Years

Real Pictures

Tile roof Hook
Tile roof hook
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