L Feet Asphalt Shingles

FON-C18 L feet Flashing Kit

Asphalt roof solar racking is designed for asphalt single roof, the flashing plate with raised tapered hole, together with rubber pad can perfectly cooperate with L feet, which has good waterproof function.

L feet ——1

Flashing plate——1

Rubber Pad——1

ST6.3×80 Drilling screws ——1



   FON-C18 L feet Flashing Kit

  • Item No.: FON-C18
  • Material:  AL6005-T5 + SUS304
  • Surface: Anodized
  • Color:  Natural 
  • Shipping Port:  Xiamen, China 
  • Warranty:   12 Years
L Feet Asphalt Shingles

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